The Truth About 5G
Researcher Eduard Garcia-Villegas participates in the radio show "Després del Col·lapse" (After the Collapse) of RNE4 to talk about 5G

RNE4's radio show "Després del Col·lapse" (After the Collapse) talks about 5G with several experts. 5G promises to leave behind those delays in browsing the internet and downloading files. The 5G world seems to be more agile, wherein everything is more easily accessible.

ANow, this idyllic new technology has a legion of opponents. Why do some people oppose it? Why does 5G have staunch detractors? There is a belief that 5G has something to do with COVID19, and that it will be used to control our minds like robots.
What is true and what is not?

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Including digital awareness as a comptence
During the SEFI 2022 the first results will be presented